Long Island's Central Vacuum Repair Specialists


We guarantee all of our clients an installation experience unlike any other, being quick, clean, convenient, and hassle-free. We can provide installations of vacuum systems in all kinds of homes and buildings, residential and commercial, new or existing. From studio apartments to large, multi-leveled buildings or homes, we can accommodate building of all sizes and levels. Most installations will be completed within one day and without any disruptions to your home’s interior.

Certified by the VDTA (Vacuum Dealers Trade Association), our technicians are held up against rigorous standards, qualifying them as experts in the field. Our technicians’ experience and expertise allows for installations to be completed in one day. Our technicians will be able to install your system without disrupting or damaging your home/building, as well as any other pre-existing systems. Additionally, it is our policy that our staff and technicians ensure each job site is cleaned before departure, leaving your home/building as it was prior to our visit.

We guarantee all of its work; we not only stand by our top-of-the-line products and quality services with warrantees, but we also extend our warrantees to all of our installations. Before our technicians leave your home/building, your system will be inspected and then checked for proper functioning. If the client is present, our technicians will also conduct a walk-thru, explaining what was done, where everything is located. Clients will also be given an educational session as to how the system works, how to maintain the system, and our technicians will answer any questions on the spot.

Even after our technicians have left, customers can rest easily knowing the systems and the work is covered under various warrantees. As previously mentioned, we honor all manufacturer warrantees of our products. Likewise, should any problem arise as a result of our work or installation, we will solve the problem at no cost to you.

New Home/Building Installations

Although, our technicians can install central vacuum systems into all homes or buildings, having your vacuum system installed during the process of having a home or building built is the absolute ideal time. Another perfect time to have a vacuum system installed is during a remodel or renovation on a preexisting home/building. This allows for the system to be installed before walls are put up, making the process quicker and easier. In fact, contractors prefer working with Long Island Vacuum System Repair, as it guarantees the work is done right the first time.

Installing your vacuum system during the construction or remodeling process comes with many benefits. If you have decided on installing a vacuum system before either process has begun and while it is still at the “drawing-board” stage, our experts can work collaboratively with your engineers, architects, contractors, and designers to design and install a system that works best with your home/building. However, we can work with contractors during any part of the construction phase and your contractors can incorporate the system into the job so that the hose panels may be hidden better or installed in a more functional place.

If you are having a new home or building built or if you are renovating a preexisting one, call us and one of our experts will give you a free consultation on site. At that time we will review your plans and tailor a vacuum system that meets all of your needs, matching the system and power capacity. We will also explain the options you have by the way of accessories and hoses according to your design plans, as well as preferences and needs.

Preexisting Homes

We can install the system of your choice into any existing home in one day. Our experts will first come to your home to survey the layout and structure of your home. Your personal project manager will also discuss your needs and requirements in regards to the vacuum system. Based on that information, your Long Island Central Vacuum representative will help tailor a system that works best for you and your home.

All of our technicians are VDTA certified and have the qualifications and expertise needed to install a vacuum system into a preexisting home. Installing a vacuum system into a preexisting home requires the technician to understand the structure of your home, as well as the blueprints of any other preexisting systems, such as plumbing, electrical, and ductwork, to avoid problems with the installation process. Our technicians will also work with you to design a layout that not only provides you with optimal functionality of your vacuum system, but incorporates the aesthetics of your home, as well. Even though most of the system is hidden within the structure of the home, the hose panels, while they are relatively small, are still visible. Our technicians will do whatever they can to cater to each of your needs.